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The ultimate gift for any fan of Dragon Ball Super Card game, the premium pack sets come complete with everything you will need to get started and continue playing the card game. With lots of booster packs and promo cards, this is the perfect all-rounder product! 

• Lots of cards across the full set: 60 Common, 38 Uncommon, 30 Rare, 18 Super Rare, 14 Special Rare, 3 Secret Rare and 1 God Rare.
• Lots of cards to help get you started playing the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.
• Each booster pack contains 12 cards. 

• 4 x Booster Packs (Zenkai 04)
• 2 x Promo Cards

DragonBall Super Card Game - Zenkai Series Set 4 Premium Pack PP12 Display

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